FORMER Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema cannot win this month’s general elections because Zambians “don’t like him”.

And Lusambo says there is no reason to vote out a government that has improved the lives of the people.

In an interview, Tuesday, Lusambo said people don’t like Hichilema.

“In 2007, the UPND were saying they were set to be in the State House, in 2010 they said the same thing, in 2014/15 when we lost our republican president Mr Michael Chilufya Sata, they were very confident that they were scooping the presidency. Today there is nothing that has changed in the UPND’s thinking, nothing has changed in the way they behave, there is nothing that has changed in anything they do. We don’t win elections through social media, we don’t. We win elections when we go on the ground, you convince the people and the people will give you the vote,” he said.

“We win elections when we give the people the manifesto, the message which will sink nicely in their heads, they will give you the vote. How is Hakainde going to win the presidential election in this country when he’s not liked, when he’s losing lamentably in Kabushi constituency? How is he going to the presidential election when he’s losing in Luanshya, he’s losing in Mpongwe, he’s losing in Lufwanyama, he’s losing in Ndola Central among others. There is no change that I have seen from Hakainde Hichilema’s behavior. He has been behaving by projecting himself a winner when people don’t like him. Ala ifi ifintu takwaba ukulandafye ati ninebo ngwinine (some things you don’t just say you’ve won), kuya pa ground (you have to be on the ground). That’s why we have referees from the ECZ who are going to announce results and are going to tell us who the winner will be.”

Lusambo, who is also a former Kabushi Member of Parliament, said the PF was at peace knowing that their main competitor in in this election was not a threat.

“12 August is next week, it’s not very far, it’s next week. For me, I’m very confident. My heart is at peace, the party I belong to is 100 percent at peace, we are not panicking. We know what we are seeing, we know what we are doing. I would have panicked if I was dealing with a politician, but I am just dealing with a privatisation dealer, he believes in gwagus (stealing), he believes in ama cut (kickbacks). So for me, I can’t get scared with such a person. What is he going to offer on the political scene? Forward, forward, forward, what is forward, forward, forward? Forward my foot! no message but busy forward, forward, forward,” he said.

And Lusambo said it was shameful for politicians to claim PF has failed when they enjoy flyover bridges constructed all over the country.

“It doesn’t mean if you are a political leader then you are destined to rule, no! Some of them are just good on checks and balances and that’s the responsibility which God has entrusted them to do. So I haven’t seen anything, I saw the wind of change in 1991, I saw a wind of change in 2011, and in 2021 I’m just seeing continuity. How can you remove a winning team, how can you remove Edgar Chagwa Lungu who has added value to the economy, how can you remove the government that has improved the lives of the people. Old vulnerable people are getting social cash transfer, how can you remove such a President who Zambians are convinced of the good things that Edgar Changwa Lungu has done, a person who has transformed Zambia, a person who has given beauty to this country,” said Lusambo.

“The opposition are saying President Lungu has failed but they are busy driving on the flyover bridges he has constructed in the country, shame upon them. When they say President Lungu has failed but they go back to have Nshima and Kapenta and nice food like Kandolo, Tute, and you say Edgar Chagwa Lungu has failed, shame upon them. When they go to Lusaka Airport and see the massive infrastructure of the new KK international airport, shame upon them. When they say Edgar Chagwa Lungu has failed but they are busy flying from one point to another freely without any inconveniences, shame upon them.”