UPND Alliance member Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) has advised party officials to remain calm and wait for official results to be announced by the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

In an audio statement, Friday, KBF further appealed to Zambians to be patient and give ECZ time to analyse and critically look at verified results before announcing, in as much as the results gathered so far “look good”.

“I’m sure they don’t want mistakes they have been seeing in the past. Let us be patient as a nation and give the ECZ the time they deserve to analyze and critically look at verified results before they are announced. Let me appeal to everybody across the board. It does not matter which political party you have supported, where you are coming from. We are all Zambians. Let us maintain peace and let us be calm, and let us wait for the official results,” he said.

“I am appealing particularly to the youths in the UPND alliance and our officials in the UPND alliance, please wait for directives and wait for instructions. Do not take to celebrations and take the law into your own hands, wait for the official results. We know from the results we have gathered thus far from across the country, they are looking good but let them be announced officially and then we shall proceed from there.”

KBF also advised relevant stakeholders to continue preaching peace even as people wait for official results from the commission.

“To the PF leadership, structures and youths, we are not enemies. Yes, we were adversaries but in every election, there is a winner and a loser. But that does not mean that the peace of this country must be sacrificed, the peace of this country must always be retained by all well-meaning Zambians. So I appeal to the PF, UPND Alliance and every other political party, NGO, church leaders to preach peace even as we wait for the official results from the ECZ,” he said.

And KBF clarified that there would be no injunction placed upon ECZ over the delay in announcing the results.

“There are a lot of rumors flying around on social media about the possibility of injunctions being placed on the ECZ not to announce results or because the ECZ has been meticulous in its methodology analyzing the results which it is receiving and impatience is building. Let me clarify this. Nobody can obtain or issue an injunction against the government. The ECZ is a government institution, it is a government statutory and you cannot injunct the government or a statutory body from performing its function,” said KBF.

“The role of the ECZ is to conduct elections, obtain elections from across the country and then announce those results which are verified results, which I believe the ECZ is doing right now. So there will be no injunction from anybody, be assured. The mechanism that is set up within the law of challenging any results that are disputed is by way of a petition after the ECZ has announced the results, whatever the results might be. So be assured that the ECZ as soon as possible will begin to issue results and we as the UPND Alliance trust they will be professional, meticulous, and extremely careful in the manner they issue these results.”