SOME Patriotic Front members, led by their acting president Given Lubinda, yesterday stormed Lusaka Central Police station in search of former president Edgar Lungu’s barber Shabby Chilekwa.

And Lusaka lawyer Makebi Zulu says his client is passing urine with blood as his manhood was allegedly pulled by one of the police officers.

Chilekwa is believed to have been picked and detained by police officers on Friday last week.

And speaking to journalists at Lusaka Central Police Station, Lubinda said the PF members of the central committee and MPs decided to visit Central police station to inquire about Chilekwa’s whereabouts.

“I wish to inform you that we have visited the office of the Commissioner for Lusaka. We were inquiring about Shabby Chilekwa, president Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s barber man who, as some of you are already aware, was taken into custody on Friday. We have been informed that apparently, he is being held in one of the cells. We have not been given access and we are now proceeding to Force Headquarters to go and speak to the unit that apprehended him so that they can give us access to Shabby Chilekwa,” he said.

“So after that, we shall brief you. For now, we want to rush to Force Headquarters to go and seek that authority and I really don’t think that any police officer should deny us access to a person who they are holding in custody. So I am sure when we visit them at their offices, they will give us the authority to come and see him.”

Lubinda and his team later visited Police headquarters to seek authority to have access to Chilekwa which was granted to them.

“So now we can move to Central police because the person who is responsible for him (Chilekwa) has given us sanction to go and see him. They haven’t told us why he was arrested. They didn’t tell us anything. We will give information from there,” said Lubinda.

And speaking to journalists shortly after visiting Chilekwa, Zulu said his client was assaulted and was passing urine with blood.

“We went to Court this morning. We applied for Habeas Corpus so that he (Chilekwa) is brought to Court and the Court gave us the order for him to be taken to Court for the purpose of examining him why he was detained without a charge. And we came here to Central police and presented the order to the officer at the cells, they gave us access to see him. We managed to see him and indeed, he has been assaulted. His back is bruised and he is complaining that since Friday, he has been passing urine with blood. He complained that Chief Inspector Chomba beat him up, pulled his manhood and the man is in pain,” said Zulu.

“After that we went to see the Commanding officer for Lusaka and explain to him the condition of our client seeing that he needs to be given medical attention because even as we were talking to him, he had to move his head closer because he can’t hear properly. We have been referred to Force Headquarters and we asked them if he can open the case of assault here so that it can be entered in the book that he has been assaulted. All that did not sit well. We have been told to seek authority from Force headquarters because they are only keeping him at Central police.”