PHARMACIST Jerome Kanyika says he has reported PF member Chishimba Kambwili to Luanshya Central Police for threatening him that he will get his fingers burnt if he continues commenting on the Honeybee saga.

And Kanyinka has vowed to never stop talking about Honeybee until the drugs supplied by that company are destroyed.

In an interview, Tuesday, Kanyinka questioned Kambwili’s interest in the Honeybee matter.

“I have reported him to Luanshya Central Police. He called me to warn me that I will get my fingers burnt. Now I don’t understand what he meant. I think he needs to explain to me what he meant by saying that when I am talking about the issue of Honeybee. So I have a challenge because I work from morning up to the evening and what if other people come and do something? So people need to know that this is what is happening. No wonder I have notified the police so that they can know that if anything happens to me then there is a Kambwili who issued the threats to me over the phone. That was on Friday and yesterday (Monday) he was trying to call me, I didn’t pick up his calls because I didn’t want to receive more threats,” Kanyika said.

“It is in line with the Honeybee, that is the fact. I don’t know his interest concerning the matter of Honeybee. I don’t know, I don’t know his interest. He is not a pharmacist, I am a pharmacist and I am doing my professional work. So what is his interest, him being a politician? He is a politician, he just needs to take politics, not coming to my work. I don’t allow someone to come and infringe in my way of working, that is not the way it is supposed to be done. I am doing professional work to protect the Zambian people from consuming fake medication [but] here comes a politician who starts threatening my life ‘if you continue talking about Honeybee, you will get your fingers burnt’ or [you] will burn your fingers, what is that? What is the meaning of that? Let him explain what is the meaning of that?”

And Kanyinka vowed to continue talking about the fake drugs until they were destroyed.

“The issue of Honeybee is about the issue of professionalism. Here is an institution that has done something unheard of, supplying fake things to the members of the public while we have pharmacists. My job as a pharmacist is to protect members of the public, I stand between the fake medicine and a patient. So my job is to protect the patient from taking these fake drugs. Provided if these drugs continue coming back into circulation we will definitely be speaking about them. I will not get tired, I will continue speaking about them until they are destroyed, until we know that no Zambian has consumed those fake medications,” vowed Kanyika.

But by press time, Copperbelt acting Police Commissioner Tresford Kasale said the police were not aware of the report.