THE mortuary at Ndola teaching hospital has flooded due to corroded pipes.

The theatre is another affected critical department due to the continued heavy rains which have been experienced in Ndola over the past few days.

Ndola Teaching Hospital senior medical superintendent Dr Joseph Musowowa said the hospital had since engaged the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) so that the situation could be rectified as soon as possible.

Dr Musowoya said this when Copperbelt deputy permanent secretary Daniel Kamenga and DMMU Copperbelt Coordinator George Akalemwa visited the hospital.

He said pipes which were supposed to lead water away from the building during a downpour were in a deplorable state.

He said the lasting solution was to overhaul of the water pipe system.

“It is a matter of urgency. So the provincial department should come to our aid so that we can operate effectively,” said Dr Musowoya.

And Kamenga proposed that tents be provided as a temporal measure.

“From the reports, we are prompted to visit the hospital with DMMU, because some of the works need emergency services. We need to provide tents. We are disheartened that we provide services in areas that are not conducive. The condition of the mortuary is not good. I am so saddened that we can have such. It is a matter of urgency. We need to react as fast as possible to protect the equipment,” said Kamenga.

“This is not a matter of just reporting, but reacting to the issues found here. DMMU should also do what they can do now. We don’t need to wait, we nee to provide solutions.”