This is the incompetence I keep talking about; if he was man enough, he would have come here to prove that he is efficient, Chilufya Tayali tells journalists in this audio.

This was after Magistrate Felix Kaoma dismissed a matter in which he was accused of defaming Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja saying the Director of Public Prosecutions had filed a nolle prosequi.

“I am not happy with this nolle. You know, this nonsense has to stop where they are arresting people only to come and enter a nolle. It is nonsense, it has to stop and I want to put it very clear that this is the incompetence that I have been talking about concerning the incompetence of Kakoma Kanganja. This nolle which has been entered should go straight with the resignation of Kakoma Kanganja. He should resign today. They have entered a nolle because if he was not inefficient, if he was not incompetent, he would have come here to defend himself. The fact that he has refused to come here, he has just accepted that he is an incompetent Inspector General of Police that we have ever had in this country. He should resign!” exclaimed Tayali.
“This nolle me I don’t accept it. I want him to come here and defend himself otherwise let him resign. Tomorrow he should not be in that office. Why has he entered a nolle? If he was really man enough, if he really meant that he is not incompetent, he should have come here so I want him to resign, he should go!”

Take a listen:

Kanganja dragged Tayali to court in April after the later posted that Kanganja was trying to hide his inefficiency by charging Hakainde Hichilema with treason on his Facebook Page.

“Kanganja is just covering his inefficiency to charge HH with Treason, otherwise he should be an accomplice, where was his police to clear the way long before. That should have never happened, but maybe Kanganja planned it that way to kill the President or frame HH,” read the posting in question.

Tayali spent four nights in detention before finally pleading not guilty.

In examination in chief, Kanganja said to this day, he was still hurt by Tayali’s post saying numerous people called for his resignation as a result of it.

Tayali was unrepresented and conducted the first part of cross examination on his own but later engaged six lawyers namely; Mulambo Haimbe, Keith Mweemba, Gilbert Phiri, Christopher Mundia, Zevyanji Sinkala and Nchimunya Mwange.

In cross examination led by Keith, Kanganja said he did not recognize his own voice when an audio recording of a conversation he had with Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda was played in which the duo agreed to deny UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba police bond among other things.

“I am not the one in that recording that is why there is that investigation. I don’t know the voice of the other person and I am not familiar with that voice because I am not privy to that recording… I don’t talk to Amos Chanda often, I don’t report to him…but I speak to him when we meet,” Kanganja said.

Asked if he was familiar with his own voice, Kanganja replied in the negative saying sometimes it was distorted because of flu.

When asked why police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo did not refute the audio recording as fake when she held a press briefing to announce investigations into the matter, Kanganja said he was not aware of any such press briefing.

“I am not aware of that press briefing. I am not always in the office…She usually tells me whenever she wants to give a statement and I give her authority to do that…things cannot be done behind my back,” Kanganja, who insisted on standing during the taxing four-hour long session, said.

Kanganja however warned that all those who were circulating the audio in question would be arrested.

He also admitted that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was authorized to be on the Limulunga road in Mongu before the infamous motorcade incident.

Asked if he bothered to ask any of his officers why President Edgar Lungu’s window was rolled down, the police chief said he never bothered to find out.

Read the verbatim of Kanganja’s cross examination here.