I NEVER thought after Fackson Shamenda, Zambia would see another trade unionist, more provocative and resilient than him.

Well, he is here, his name is Peter Mwale and judging by his language, this guy is the greatest thing that ever happened to the labour force in Zambia.

In fact, Nkole Chitala must pave way for this guy to lead the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions because his venom is being wasted at the Judiciary Allied Workers Union.

This may sound disrespectful to you ba Nkole, but lets face it, your courage and that of Roy Mwaba, Cosmas Mukuka and Leonard Hikaumba put together is still no march to Mwale’s guts. Let me prove it.

When was the last time you saw a trade unionist in Zambia call the finance minister and sit him down, call the labour minister, the Secretary to the Cabinet, Secretary to the Treasury and ask them, “Who the hell do you think you are?”

Okay, there is a background to this. Mwale has been pushing for better working conditions for his 6, 000 judiciary colleagues, and apparently, these senior government bwanas have been bullshitting him.

According to Mwale, Alexander Chikwanda, Roland Msiska and Fredson Yamba have hijacked the judiciary operation budget and are shrinking it as they please.

So after hearing Kambwili tell the nation on TV that being emotional and aggressive helps achieve results faster, Mwale decided to speak out.

Peter MWALE: “This is an official declaration of an industrial dispute. As unionized workers, we are sick and fed up! If the Secretary to the Treasury and Secretary to the Cabinet think they can control the judiciary by cutting down the budget, they are going to wake up to a rude shock! If Mr Chikwanda with his technocrats at finance think they are clever, this time around they should be prepared. Who the hell do they think they are; we will not take their nonsense anymore. This is rubbish. It’s total nonsense! …Next week, we are going on strike and no court will sit”

Truth be told, this crop of aggressive trade unionist is gone. Even Joyce Nonde before she was distracted by marriage, wasn’t this provocative at FFTUZ.

So anyway, Mwale’s empty threats did not go unanswered. I am saying empty threats because, everybody knows there is no way this guy can call for a strike and it actually takes off. I mean, give him credit for all his balls, but who the hell does he think he is also?

Mr Mwale, once upon a time, Lusaka High Court judge Mwila Chitabo also thought the judiciary was independent, until he made that famous decision against my President. Ask Davies Chama for the rest of the story.

Now that we all agree that Mwale’s threats amount to zero, on a scale of 1 to 10, lets also agree that Fackson Shamenda, or Mr Fackwell as Micheal Sata called him, is the wrong man to condemn Mwale.

SHAMENDA: “The language which is coming from the trade union leaders is unacceptable! I would like to warn the unions: You don’t antagonise the person you are going to negotiate with”

Mr Fackwell, there is nothing your mouth can tell us about language because it was that same mouth that carelessly accused Dangote of attempting to bribe you. That mouth together with its white beard was sued.

Apart from that Mr Fackwell, during your time as a trade unionist, you were such a tough nut; in fact that’s an understatement. You were simply a nut! And nobody complained about how you screwed employers with your mouth. So shut up, its Mwale’s time!

That’s it for today