Our discourse today is a follow up to last week’s where we talked about growing up, maturity and independence. In that chat we said as children grow up they need to be independent and leave the family home to start life of their own. We also talked about the benefits of doing so. We identified some challenges that discourage children from leaving the family home, and today we look at a young person who dares to leave home and live on a K 1000.00 monthly budget.

The discourse may be theoretic but of course real and attainable. You only fail when you don’t try. And Try was actually a Man. Of course K 1000.00 is not a lot of money because this may be pocket money for some children from some wealthy families; or even airtime credit for some and just monthly fuel ration for others. But get to know this, what someone may get for entertainment allowance per week may be a lifeline for others.

In last week’s discourse I said I left my uncle’s home and started to live alone until I went to college. So I’m talking from experience. As a young man you too can leave you family home and dare to live on K 1000.00 and build your life from there.

Here is how you can spend your K 1,000.00. I’m assuming that your net pay is K 1,500.00 and you have paid your house rent of K500.00. Let’s also assume that you came from you parents with some beddings and enough clothing. So the K1000.00 is just for your upkeep as you face life and look out for better openings.

According to the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection, K 9 500.00 was what was proposed as food basket for a family of six, so a K1000.00 for one person would suffice for our discourse today.

Mind you, you’re a single person with no dependents. So buy long lasting foods like eggs, beans and dry kapenta. Soya chunks are excellent proteins these days. 750mls of cooking oil, a tablet of soap and washing powder can last you for a month.

At this time you don’t need TV or any fancy electronic Hifi’s. A smart phone is enough. With it you can communicate; watch football, movies, listen to the radio, update yourself on current affairs and any other entertainment you may need. Learning to live on bare necessities is good discipline. You commit yourself to church fellowship and watch and pray, watch and pray.

If your business is within ten kilometers of you home, you don’t need to get on a cab every day. Walking to and from work is good for your health.

All this may seem like a farfetched story, but I tell you it’s possible. You’ll develop faster than you think. Opportunities favor the bold, I said this last week. While you’re hustling every day, remember to improve on your career prospects and business connections. Continue praying hard. If your parents are able to, I’m sure they’d gladly support you in any way possible. Parents trust someone who shows promise.

If you’re a young man, find a trustworthy young lady who’s hustling like you. Two are better than one, and a cord of three strands cannot be easily broken; I can quote scripture for you. Hide nothing from your new girlfriend. She must accept you the way she finds you. Tell her you’re trying to build your future and if she agrees, settle down with her and start working together. A woman who accepts you in your humble estate will be with you even in all the changing shades of life. By this time, hopefully you may have changed jobs and your salary has gone up. Invest in studies and any small business beside whatever you’re doing. Work hard at whatever you do.

Trust me, everything you have done so far has been stepping stones for a better tomorrow. If your girlfriend is working or just hustling, support each other. If you decide to get married that’s even better. Having worked together thus far could be good signs that you’re a good match.

Why have I said all this? It’s because I believe that young people have the potential to attain to anything they aspire to. All they need is boldness. And to be bold is to leave the comfort of the family nest and dare to be alone starting with a K1000. 00 budget. Trust your gut instinct.

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