I am happy to now be a mother of five, says Stella Sata-Rukayi.

Stella will, under the Buumba Malambo Foundation, sponsor three children from the same family to school.

In a Facebook posting yesterday, Stella, who is former president Michael Sata’s daughter, said after starting an education fund for her son Farai, she wondered how many children didn’t get an education because their parents could not afford it.

“I started a school fund for Farai. I consistently pay an amount every month into this fund. I am committed to ensuring that my child gets the quality education that every child deserves and has the right to. But I wonder how many children do not get to go to school in this country because they do not have a mother or father to open a school fund for them. I ideally wanted to sponsor two children: a boy and a girl (on condition that they be siblings). But Buumba sent me a photo of a family of three. So how does one make a decision to sponsor two and leave out the third?” asked Stella.

Simbarashe Rukayi, Stella and their children
Simbarashe Rukayi, Stella and their children

“I am happy to now be a mother of five: Clint, Ornad, Monica, Faith (her step daughter) and Farai. I really wish I could sponsor more but for now, I can only manage these. Ideally I would want this to be anonymous but I realise the enormous power that social media has. So the reason why I am sharing this is to ask that you join the movement and get a child in school today. Every child has a right to quality education. It is not heavily financially burdening to sponsor so please contact Buumba Malambo and she will assist you to get a child in school.”

And Buumba Malambo, who runs the foundation, said it was amazing that young people were taking up the challenge of helping the poor.

“It’s amazing to see young people taking up the challenge of taking care of the poor people. When I was starting my charity, this intelligent young lady was also starting hers The Stella Project and it has been a great journey to see our dreams grow, today she has humbled me by sponsoring three of our orphans that are being taken care of by their grandmother,” said Malambo, who is also a UPND councilor for Magoba Ward in Kafue.

Both Stella and Malambo have been nominated for the Zambian Women of the Year Awards slated for this evening.

Stella was nominated in the Rising Stars category whilst Malambo was nominated in the Community Service category.