Young African Leader’s Initiative Governance adviser Isaac Mwanza says President Edgar Lungu is not qualified to stand in 2021 because he would have held the office for two terms.

Mwanza, who supported President Lungu in the last general elections, said the Constitution was very clear that anyone who had held office twice could not recontest.

“The constitution is very clear, we only have one constitution and Zambians got to know this that we only have one constitution which is the constitution of Zambia of 1991 under which President [Frederick] Chiluba was bound, President [Levy] Mwanawansa was elected, President [Michael] Sata was elected, including President Lungu has twice being elected under the same piece of the Constitution and the Constitution is very clear. Anybody who has held office twice as the President of the Republic of Zambia is not eligible to stand as a President to hold office for the third time or forth time,” said Mwanza.

Mwanza urged Lungu to understand the Constitution before telling the nation that he was eligible. He said it was actually unnecessary for President Lungu to start commenting on the issue now.

Yesterday, January 5, 2016, President Lungu declared that he would contest the 2021 elections, a statement which has sparked widespread criticism.

“I read the Constitution yesterday, I am eligible for 2021. If you want you can go to the Constitutional Court. I am eligible to stand for elections in 2021 and God willing if I am around, if I am still alive, I will stand,” said President Lungu.