Kasama PF member of parliament Kelvin Sampa has moved a Private Member’s Bill seeking to dissolve the Law Association of Zambia.

In the “Law of Societies Bill” proposal advertised in the Zambia Daily Mail, Sampa seeks to introduce a Bill to repeal Cap 31 of the Republican Constitution.

But Mike Mulongoti says the Patriotic Front are trying to “dismember” the country by moving to dissolve the Law Association of Zambia and has urged well meaning Zambian to speak up and fight for the association save.

He observed that repealing LAZ was not going to be an easy war.

“This is a wakeup call for all of us. Do not think that we shall continue to be quiet over these matters. It’ll mean that we are being invited now to fight back because they are trying to dismember our country. They are trying to cause confusion in the country by bringing about things which are unnecessary. The PF government have got a lot to do, Mr Sampa is a member of PF. There are better things he can talk about like lack of food for his people, lack of fertilizer for his constituency and what have you. He must not waste time on matters that are irrelevant to his constituency. How does that affect his constituency in Kasama?” Mulongoti asked.

“It is not as easy as that. It is a war that can go on and on. LAZ has existed for a long time why suddenly when PF is in government they must find fault in them? Where were they all along? No! We refuse that tell ba Sampa nabalelya fye bwino nabena.We know that he is eating but let him not waste people’s time.”

Mulongoti wondered what Sampa’s motivation was.

“We are appealing to him to listen to his conscious, there are more serious things that as MP he can attend to than waste the tax payers money trying to pursue something which is of no concern to him.

This is the kind of leadership that we are against. What we want is people who have got concern for the welfare of the people, not to fight wars that are meaningless. Besides being a member of parliament, is he a member of LAZ? Does he have a locus standi so to speak? Where is his interest as a person?” Mulongoti asked.

“We have lawyers in that House. Why can’t a lawyer move a Private Members Bill other than a person who is not a member of LAZ? Because in the first place, we should ask ‘what is his interest in that issue?’ Because you must have locus standi in a matter before you can move it. He has got a right to move a motion as a private member but I can tell you, it is easy to see through his intentions because he is not a member of LAZ. It makes all this very funny. We expect a member of parliament to move a Private Members Motion which is relevant to their constituencies, their interest or whatever else of interest to them.”