FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza says former information minister Chishimba Kambwili made his own bed and now, it is time to lie in it.

Yesterday, Kambwili went through a seven-hour long interrogation by the Anti-Corruption Commission on various allegations such as abuse of authority of office, the acquisition of property beyond the past and present emoluments (official), and general accusations of corruption.

After the grueling probe ended, Kambwili told journalists that the kind of politics being played in Zambia were disappointing and he complained that those who did not want to work with him were using the arms of government to intimidate.

But in a Facebook posting today, Antonio said Kambwili must enjoy the music because “it’s global”.

“The wise say Karma is a b*tch; it does not give you what you want but what you deserve: when we complained against selective application of the law, Kambwili said we were bitter, when we complained about high poverty levels and economic hardships, Kambwili said it was global. When we complained over biased and unfair coverage by the public media, Kambwili mocked us,” Antonio recalled.

“In fact, he turned ZNBC television into a personal to holder station, blacklisting anyone who didn’t speak his language while using the station to mock, ridicule and even malign his political opponents. But today he has joined us, today he wants to identify and fight with us.”

He said people must always be cautious that power was not permanent.

“People must always remember the golden rule: do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. People must always be cautious of the fact that power is never permanent. Today you can be a star but tomorrow you would be a victim of the same system you impose on others. Indeed Masiku Ni Panyo Pa Tambala. We, especially us in leadership and those aspiring to be in leadership must always remember that we are simply servants and not masters; we are nothing but shepherds who have a rare but finite honour and privilege to hold people’s time and resources in trust we should never for a single moment allow power and authority to get to our heads and blind us from the realities of life,” said Antonio.

“Today, Kambwili wants us to sympathise with him, he wants us to stand up for him and defend him, how? Mr Kambwili, you made your own bed and it’s now time for you to sleep in it. Chenjele-chenje le sazimeta am’meta ni anzace. Enjoy the music bwana, it’s global, it’s pelete.”