Advocates for the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation chairperson Bishop Billy Mfula says if the issues Patriotic Front (PF) and the United Party for National Development (UPND) are not resolved soon enough, they will blow up.

At a media briefing in Lusaka today, Bishop Mfula observed that the longer differences remained unresolved, the harder they became to deal with.

“Our prayer is let it [forgiveness] be genuine and real. The two political parties need to truly forgive each other and reconcile. If reconciliation, forgiveness is not genuine then it is not reconciliation, it’s not forgiveness and soon or later what is in the heart will again manifest. It should be based on humbleness,” he said.

“The differences between PF and UPND comes from certain unresolved issues. Once you fail to resolve issues overtime, it will always build up and when it builds up, in the end it become big and then blow. If you remember there has been some pocket of problems in the last year’s campaign systems. There has been pockets of problems during our political race in the past and these have brought the country to this level.”

Bishop Mfula also noted that there could never be development in a country where leaders were constantly fighting.

“You can’t develop in a country where you are fighting and things are in disarray. Where two elephant fights, it’s the grass that suffers and so the grass is now talking and the grass is saying ‘you can’t continue to fight because you are killing us down here. Keep us green and keep us healthy so that Zambia can continue to progress and prosper,” Bishop Mfula said.

Meanwhile, Bishop Mfula hailed Catholic Bishops for their bold step of negotiating for dialogue between the two largest political parties.

“No wonder we encourage political leaders to have pastor who speaks into their lives. Pastors who are able to guide them. For instance if president HH was in my church, it was going to be my role as his spiritual leader to guide him. The same with President Lungu. So it is important to those of you who will rule tomorrow to have spiritual leaders,” said Bishop Mfula.