Court of Appeal judge Catherine Makungu has dragged a Congolese tailor to the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court for allegedly stealing her six-metre chitenge material valued at K350.

It is alleged that Andrew Choma, who runs his tailoring business from Lusaka City Market, on dates unknown but between July 1 and 8 stole judge Makungu’s six-metre chitenge material.

According to facts before court, judge Makungu gave three pieces of six-metre material to the tailor, paid K600 for labour, and asked him to sew two suits and a dress.

After a few days, Judge Makungu went to check on her material and found Choma ironing one of her chitenge pieces with a woman who said she loved it so much and she would take it to South Africa, not knowing the owner was around.

However, at the time of collecting, judge Makungu was only given one suit and a dress as the tailor claimed that the other material had been stolen prompting her to report the matter to police.

Choma will take plea soon.