UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says Zambia flourished under the leadership of Levy Mwanawasa.

In a statement today, HH paid a glowing tribute to the former president who died nine years ago.

“Our profound grief at the loss of a visionary, nationalist and distinguished lawyer, quickly gave way to the hope for a better future, based on the firm social, economic and political foundation he had built for us, within such a short period of time. And so the Nation began to celebrate the rewards of his selfless and visionary leadership based on sound and prudent economic management anchored on zero tolerance to corruption, respect for basic freedoms, civil liberties and the rule of law,” HH stated.

“Under Dr Mwanawasa, free press flourished and blossomed, the freedoms of expression, assembly and association thrived while differences of political opinions and divergent views strengthened our common values, as a society who saw things in different perspectives, but all bound and in one accord over one common destiny, as one Nation under One God. Though President Mwanawasa lived in his era gone by as a result of his sad and untimely demise, his leadership belonged to the present and future expectations of what new African governance ought to be, accountable, transparent and honest.”
He also noted that Mwanawasa had an unparalleled resolve to fight corruption.

“Dr Mwanawasa unlocked the potential of future generations, inspired confidence in budding youth business leaders, gave hope to women entrepreneurship, and created an enabling environment for our marketeers and farmers. The President set pace on the uncompromised fight against corruption, cronyism and political violence and defined a sound and sober ideology that, a fellow politician with a divergent view is not a sworn enemy, but a political opponent and a fellow citizen. He answered a call beyond duty, ran his race and accomplished so much so few have achieved in so short a period of time,” stated HH.

“On this day on the celebration of the brave, corrupt free and visionary leadership of President Mwanawasa, we pay our heartfelt tribute to the widow, Dr Maureen Mwanawasa and family who gave more than what was expected of them by sharing President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa to Zambia. May God bless them always.”