Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda says PF youths will not sit idle and watch Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili demean the Head of State.

And the PF has refuted allegations that they are sponsoring youths to tarnish Kambwili’s image.

In a statement today, Chanda, who is also Copperbelt PF chairperson, stated that Kambwili was a coward and a bully.

“Mr Chishimba Kambwili is a coward and bully who should stop been a cry baby. Mr Kambwili has insulted and demeaned a lot of people, women, youths, men of God, fellow MP’s including the Republican President without shame. Mr Kambwili is a serious tribalist who can damage and divide this country. We know his focus is to disturb President Lungu from working for the people of Zambia. That we will not allow. The people of Zambia are happy with the development agenda of President Lungu. Mr Kambwili is just a bitter man acting like uncultured divorced woman without shame and is parading himself to seek sympathy from the Zambian people. I want to tell him that this is just the beginning and he is yet to face us. We will tell the Zambian people who Ba Kambwili is,” Chanda stated.

He stated that he was not scared to meet Kambwili in court adding that he would have loved to have a face-off with the former information minister.

“Now this same man says he will sue me in court. I am not scared of the courts of Law. Courts are meant for people and l will not be intimidated by his actions and l will not stop imbila yamushi (exposing him). I know truth hates I would have loved that we face of on a radio program or any platform of his choice so that we square off. Mr Kambwili has gone to far and he won’t secare (sic) us anymore. If what l said is who he is or was and he feels l was talking about him so be it,” Chanda stated.

“Me I am a thick sickened (sic) politician like ba late Sata tought us and Mr Kambwili is a coward. He called me names l never reacted but look at a big man and how many people are you going to sue. You are just exposing yourself. If Mr Kambwili who claims to be a giant and clean man why is he so secared now. We will take him on. Enough of Ba Kambwili now. Let me remind you that in the jungle are so many animals with different temperament.
Others tutili, utushindabeni, elephant that are cool. Know who you are dealing with and do not offend the wrong person. Nakanyelele ngawakapimpila kalasuma (even an ant can bite you when you offend it).”

He asked people on the Copperbelt not to be cheated by Kambwili.

“People on the Copperbelt and Luanshya, Chingola should not be cheated by this man. You all know what this man has done and today he wants to be a champion for nothing. Ba Kambwili, we have tolerated you enough. It is time that we exposed you. As PF youths, we will defend the party and President Edgar Lungu. So ba Kambwili go ahead and sue. This is the opportunity I waited for so that you are exposed in your short coming and how you called me names,” stated Chanda.

Meanwhile, the PF media department said Kambwili’s claims that the ruling party was sponsoring a smear campaign against him were false.

On Tuesday, Kambwili said he was aware that PF was sponsoring youths to tarnish his image.

“I am aware about the smear campaign that the PF want to carry out against me. But let me just tell you one thing, if you are clean, you are clean, if you are good, you are good. The Bible says ‘we shall know the truth and it shall set us free’. Listen to this WhatsApp message that I received last week.‘Honourable, we have just come out of a meeting with the Secretary General of the party and Mr Sunday Chanda where all the WhatsApp groups have been instructed to start a smear campaign against you alleging a lot of unfounded corruption. They have lined up a lot of people that are going to be saying to the media that you are corrupt among them some disgruntled youths like Munir Zulu, Ibrahim Mwamba, Sunday Chanda himself and Mumbi Phiri, Edward Mumbi and many others. The plan is that they want to discredit your information about corruption but also us in PF we are not happy about what is going on and what makes us worried is that when there was a question as to what was going to happen if the people were taken to court, the Secretary General answered that the President was ready to pay even if he was taken to court, and the court find you wanting, they were ready to pay the compensation, what they want to achieve is that you must stop talking about their corruption and this is a way to intimidate you but please honourable, be strong. We have seen that these people are a bunch of corrupt unreasonable people’,” Kambwili quoted a PF source.

But in a reaction sent to News Diggers! yesterday, the PF media department said there was nothing sinister about the meeting with all ruling party Whatsapp group admins.

“It has come to our attention that Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili claims a meeting for Whatsapp groups was sanctioned and attended by the Secretary General of Patriotic Front (PF) to discuss what he refers to as a smear campaign against him. The SG was in South Africa at the time if the meeting and only returned on Monday afternoon. So it’s not true that he attended the said meeting. For his comfort, and indeed in order to set the record straight, PF Media Director Sunday Chanda called and chaired the said meetings, which was one of the many forums he attends to by virtue of his office. Hon Kambwili would be wise to know that social media is a critical component of Information dissemination. It is therefore important for the media department to look at ways to create synergies among all members forming part of the information dissemination chain. There was nothing unusual about the meeting, the more reason why it was publicised on all platforms,” stated the PF media department.

“Hon Kambwili is therefore advised to chastise his informers because they are embarrassing him. They lied to him about a label in Dubai, they lied to him about someone taking one dollar ($1.00) per litre from some oil marketing company (OMC) when the pump price per litre was about a dollar. Common sense should have known that the claim was ridiculous because then OMC would be making serious losses, fail to pay workers and statutory tax among other obligations. Its unthinkable that a former minister of information can have challenges differentiating fake news from real one. He must fire those informers because they are being paid for inflating his ego. There was no Kambwili on the agenda at all. Surely, we would not be naive to discuss political strategy and execution thereof in a gathering attended by more than seventy people.”