Veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga says Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga have done Africa proud by burring their differences for the sake of their country.

In a statement yesterday, Mwaanga said the two leaders exhibited desirable levels of maturity.

“At a time when Africa is desperately yearning for responsible political leadership, it is heartening to see the two leaders in Kenya, President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga, come together yet again and call each other brothers. They have promised their people and the world, a new era of dialogue and reconciliation for the sake of their country,” Mwaanga observed.

“Kenya had two bitterly contested elections last year, which resulted in the death of over 150 people . Both leaders had sworn not to have any dialogue and it was heartening to see them put their differences aside , for the sake of their country and people. This is the kind of mature leadership our continent needs going forward. We have had enough of the selfish leaders, who only think that regardless of the cost to their people and countries, they should stay in office indefinitely. Political leaders will always come and go and so will elections, but the country and people will always remain.”

He noted that the two leaders did not wait for the involvement of international orgnisations.

“The Kenyan leaders did not require any intervention from outside for them to meet and talk . They reached out to each other, because they value peace and place a premium on their country. They have exhibited extraordinary responsibility and maturity by committing themselves to a process of dialogue and reconciliation. When problems and differences arise among our political leaders or their supporters, it is unwise and foolish to resort to violence or threats , which only lead to unnecessary tension and instability,” said VJ.

“The first option must be to dialogue, with a view to finding peaceful solutions. Peace does not come by accident. It has to be worked for by selfless leaders who love their countries and people. The two leaders of Kenya, have shown us and the world, that they are prepared to put their bitter differences aside, their love for power and do what is right for their country and people. No one person is bigger or more important than the country. I commend President Kenyatta and Mr Odinga, the leaders of Kenya – who are both children of the founding fathers of their country- for their foresight and commitment to the greater good of their country and people. Other African leaders, should take a leaf from Kenya.”