PF media director Sunday Chanda has clarified that it is a Southern Province based PF official who said minister would go to jail if the party loses power in 2021, and not PF Secretary General Davies Mwila.

Yesterday, News Diggers! carried a story in which the said official was warning ministers that if they do not work hard to campaign, they will fill up the prisons upon getting out of government. But the remarks were erroneously attributed to Mwila.

Chanda, however clarified the statement, saying Mbewe was trying to make a case on voter apathy.

“That is not Mr Mwila who was speaking, that sounds like the voice of one Mr Mbewe. Mr Mwila, and I know that you know his voice, he comes in towards the end to call the next speaker. But the person that was speaking was not Mr Mwila but one of the PF officials. He is from Southern Province, it’s just that that sound bite has been cut, he was talking about voter apathy. He was making a contrast between Southern Province and the voter turn out compared to the PF strongholds and the turnout that we get,” said Chanda.