They will screw you in jail, as others ‘chew’ your wife outside if you don’t stop stealing, Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe warned government accountants in Ndola, Tuesday.

And Nundwe says no matter how much they steal, they will be buried in boxers.

Speaking at a capacity building meeting for accountants at Levy Mwanawasa stadium, Nundwe said he did not enjoy sweating each time he appeared before the Public Accounts Committee to justify expenditure.

“Every time Copperbelt appears at PAC, because of the evils that you commit willfully, PS sweats because of sins that you commit as accountants. Please account for government funds prudently. We have a section of civil servants on the Copperbelt who have an agenda to want to steal willfully with impunity,” he said, warning that once arrested, thieving accountants would rot in jail,” Nundwe said.

“So next time if you steal, I will take you to PAC so that we sweat together. You don’t know how we sweat from the head to toes. We sweat everywhere, here, everywhere! Account for government resources prudently. You will go and rot in jail. They will screw you in jail. If you just got married and go to jail, you will find they have chewed your wife for nothing. Stop stealing I beg you colleagues.”

Nundwe told accountants that no matter how much they stole, they would still be buried in boxers.

“You are an accountant busy yapping, napping and yawning. We have chaps building yet his salary is very low. No matter how much you steal from government, we will bury you with a boxer and a shirt,” Nundwe said.

“Some of you here are smiling, I can see. We have projects on the Copperbelt, yet a civil servant wants to steal. Money is never enough, the more you have the more you want. Be content with your salaries. You were employed with a specific salary so you need to be very content.”

He said as Muchinga Province permanent secretary, he never received as much audit queries as he was getting on the Copperbelt.

“In Muchinga, I served for three years, we never had any audit queries and abuse of resources, not what is happening here in Copperbelt. The reports on the Copperbelt of public resource abuse is very alarming,” said Nundwe.