Information and Broadcasting Services permanent secretary Chanda Kasolo says government is concerned that there is too much foreign content on local TV stations because it is negatively impacting children.

Speaking when he officiated at the launch of the Diamond Television channel on DSTV by MultiChoice Zambia, Kasolo said children had to be exposed to Zambian content in order to preserve our culture.

“I was once talking to His Excellency the President about local channels. He was not happy that the content in most of the local channels is foreign. What are we doing to our children? What is it that we are doing to the mindset of our children? What is happening is that our children will grow up Zambian in name and foreign in mind. Some foreign contents broadcasted on some local channels has a negative impact on the mind and development of our children,” said Kasolo.

Kasolo said government had been prompted to compel local stations to broadcast 60 per cent of local content so that viewers could have access to information that could promote Zambia’s culture.

And Diamond TV chief executive officer Costa Mwansa expressed excitement about the launch of his channel on DTSV saying it would boost the viewership.

“We are very excited about this support and partnership we are receiving from DSTV through MultiChoice Zambia as it gives Zambians talent and local producers an opportunity to express themselves and grow their potential on a bigger platform. As a station we are committed to ensuring that we provide the best local TV programming possible,”said Mwansa.

Meanwhile, MultiChoice Zambia head of Corporate Affairs Mwika Malindima said MultiChoice would continue partnering with local TV channels and content providers to show commitment to growing Zambian TV and film industry.

Diamond TV, which brands itself “The home of Zed Pop Culture” will be showing on channel 271 on DSTV.