Police in Kitwe are currently questioning NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili in connection with a ‘breach of the Public Order Act’ after he toured Chisokone Market.

Meanwhile, a police officer cocked his AK47 rifle and pointed it at this journalist and threatened to shoot her for documenting Kambwili’s extraction from Lunte Lodge.

After holding a rally in Luanshya, Kambwili went to Lunte Lodge in Kitwe where his entourage had set camp.

But around 18:40 hours, about 20 police officers in riot gear arrived and demanded that Kambwili follows them to Kitwe Central Police for questioning over his Chisokone Market tour earlier in the day.

In his defence, Kambwili said he had only gone to buy Fish from Chisokone Market and did not see anything wrong with it.

But police insisted that he follows them and whilst pulling Kambwili away, this journalist was spotted taking some notes and a police officer cocked and pointed his rifle at her, threatening to shoot.

The said officer told her he did not care whatever she would do about the incident.

Meanwhile, by time of this writing, the NDC leader was still being interrogated at Kitwe Central Police.

More details later.