President Edgar Lungu says there should be a contest of noble development politics this year rather than a contest of insults that ultimately benefit no one.

In a statement shared on his official Facebook page, Wednesday, President Lungu said opposition parties should take heed to Kenya’s Vice-President William Ruto’s challenge that the opposition must compete in the arena of development rather than spreading falsehoods.

“Comrade William Ruto, the Vice-President of Kenya, was recently captured in a video clip providing thought-provoking gems of wisdom when he challenged the opposition in his country to compete in the arena of tangible development, rather than attempt to draw the ruling party into the gutter of fake news, cynicism and innuendo. His Excellency, President Uhuru Kenyatta of the Republic of Kenya and his deputy William Ruto are both very good friends of Zambia and we esteem them highly,” stated President Lungu.

“My administration and I here in Zambia can relate to the sentiments of our Kenyan friends in the said video. We, therefore, wish to adopt it as friendly advice to the opposition in the Zambian context. As far as some of our colleagues are concerned, ‘there is nothing good in Zambia, everything is bad!’ We would like to point out to them that the real competition is in the development arena; the roads, the hospitals, the schools, the universities and the advancement of women the empowerment of youth. In 2020, let us have a contest of noble development politics for the ultimate benefit of all rather than a contest of insults that ultimately benefits none.”