President Edgar Lungu yesterday asked Chilubi residents to give PF candidate Mulenga Fube a chance despite being unmarried saying being single did not make one senseless.

And President Lungu says only the PF can bring about development because they are in control on the country’s resources.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has begged Zambia’s four paramount chiefs to help end tribalism.

Speaking when he drummed up support for Fube in Matipa area, Sunday, President Lungu asked residents to give unmarried Fube a chance.

“Those who are coming with a message that ‘no, Mr Fube is not married’ he will get married soon. This is his time, leave him alone. Does it mean if someone is not married then they are senseless?…What wrong has Fube done? You should be saying sensible things. Find things to talk about. Fube is one of those who made the party and he knows that Sata wanted us to work for the poor,” President Lungu said.

And President Lungu said UPND and NDC could not develop Chilubi because they did not have the resources.

“UPND and NDC are lying to you that they are going to come and work on roads but where are they going to get the money from? Because the money is with me and my ministers. Even at the Minister of Finance Dr Bwalya Ngandu is a PF minister, I am the one who appointed him. So if we tell him to give us money to fix the road, he’ll give us. Even as I speak, he already removed K20 million to come here. We’re just waiting for the rains to subsidize so that we come to work on that road. Now when someone comes to tell you he’ll fix the roads where will he get the money from?” President Lungu asked.

“Those are lies, they shouldn’t be lying to you. You have seen that we are already working here using our money because we’re the ones who control Zambia’s money. Don’t get tired, there’s a lot we are doing here. There was no network but we have now brought network. There was no hospital here but we have now brought a hospital. So there’s a lot we are doing. We’re building schools, hospitals, and even electricity is on its way. Now how can someone come and tell you lies and you accept that?”

Meanwhile, speaking when he paid a courtesy call on paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people, Saturday, President Lungu begged the paramount chiefs to help end tribalism.

“There are only four of you; there’s the Lutuna, paramount chief Mpezeni, Gawa Undi and yourself. So please your royal highness, help us. Tribalism is once again showing it’s ugly head. And what I can say is tribal conflict which can escalate into wars in Zambia if we don’t handle it properly. The wrangle which is taking center stage now in terms of the maintenance of our law and order, I have reports that the clashes between the Lundas and the Luvales are heightening and your royal highnesses, we are looking up to you, the four of you are the most senior and we request that please take interest in what is going on there. I have to kneel down because I know what is going on,” begged President Lungu.

Paramount chief Chitimukulu assured the Head of State that he would engage his colleagues on how best to handle the matter.