National Democratic Congress (NDC) president Chishimba Kambwili says he has not given any conditions to the PF in a bid to re-join the ruling party, contrary to Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s assertions.

Mwamba, the PF national mobilization vice chairperson, has insisted that Kambwili should return to the ruling party, saying that President Edgar Lungu still wants the former Roan PF member of parliament to do so.

“Chishimba Kambwili did a lot in his own way to make PF form government. Fortunately, our President Edgar Lungu doesn’t forget his friends. He still wants him back! He has no problem whatsoever with that. If he can accept us, those who called him names, what about Chishimba Kambwili? He will also be accepted. The President has no grudge against anyone. He is a very humble person. Today, if you gave me Edgar Lungu here and HH, not because those people (UPND) hounded me out, I went there and I gained some experience from HH, and the experience I got there is to hate people! But the experience I am getting from President Lungu is to love people. The NDC president is more than welcome. We still need him. In fact, after this (forum), I will call him so that I tell him to come to PF. He is our brother, he is not our enemy,” said GBM.

But reacting to this in an interview, Kambwili insisted that GBM was hallucinating.

“I have told you that I have never met GBM! GBM is a close person to me, he knows where I live, (and) he knows my phone number…why is he speaking to the media and not coming to me? That is speculation. I don’t want to waste my time to give credence to propaganda. I don’t want to comment on issues that don’t concern me. If GBM has got those thoughts, they are his and not mine. I talked about this two months ago; why should you believe them now? It is not true,” Kambwili said.

But when asked if it was true that he had given the PF conditions to have his business restored and court cases dropped for him to return to the ruling party, Kambwili replied in the negative.

“I have never given them (PF) any conditions because I have never spoken to them about going to PF! So, why should I be talking about conditions? Who did I meet? Who did I communicate those conditions with? I am still going to court, you know that; my business is still down so what are they talking about? Tomorrow, I will be in court, I was in court on Thursday. This is just speculation. Don’t believe him; he is just hallucinating! I am told after the briefing, he said he was going to call me, ask him whether he called me; the man is full of talk! Let him just enjoy his stay in PF and let me also enjoy my suffering,” said Kambwili.