SOLWEZI UPND member of parliament Teddy Kasonso says he does not see any reason why he should walk out of Parliament when the Constitution Amendment Bill Number 10 is being debated.

When Justice Minister Given Lubinda introduced the controversial Bill for second reading, Tuesday, all UPND members of parliament walked out of the House, save for three who opted to stay, namely: Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa of Nalikwanda constituency; Kasonso and his Senanga counterpart, Mukumbuta Mulowa.

But in an interview, Kasonso said he did not see the point of walking out as he was still waiting for the amendments which were due to be presented by Lubinda for him to make up his mind on how to vote.

“What was the reason for me to have walked out? Let us wait for the amendments, which will come from the Minister of Justice that is when my position would be known. If PF will bring things that are not in the (Select) Committee recommendations, then I will vote against them. But if they include them, I have no problem. I was part of the Committee, which cleaned up the Constitution. Read the recommendations of the Select Committee and compare it with the proposed Bill by government. Let us see what the PF government will do. Are they going to go by the will of the people who came to submit or not? That is a bigger position. Is there any clause that you think is very contentious, which we, the Committee, did not address? People are saying, ‘no, Cabinet will print money.’ Of course, they brought a lot of proposals we rejected all the contentious issues. We are waiting if they will amend; if they don’t amend, tough luck, nobody can support that,” Kasonso said.

He also refuted reports that he was bought by ruling party agents.

“That is politics! Are you telling me that the people from the other camp that are supporting UPND have also been bought by the UPND? Unless you are me telling that, that is the position. It is principal! I was a member of the Select Committee; why do you want me to run away from the recommendations of the stakeholders of which I was part of? Our Committee was speaking to government to do the right thing, do what people want, that is what I am waiting for. I am not going to run away from the recommendations of the people, no! In fact, you should be asking me why am I not pushing the PF to do the right thing,” argued Kasonso.