The Auditor General, Dr. Dick Chellah Sichembe says his office has put in place a surveillance system to ensure that all resources, financial or otherwise meant for fighting the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are put to good use and are accounted for.

According to a statement released by Head of Public Relations Ellen Chikale, Dr. Sichembe said this was in line with the mandate of his office, which is to audit all public resources in the Republic as stipulated in the Constitution of Zambia.

“The Auditor General said the Office has put up a team of auditors to audit all resources financial or otherwise being channelled to the fight against the Coronavirus (COVID – 19), for the purposes of ensuring that all the resources are being utilised for the intended purpose and are accounted for accordingly. He stated that the slogan of the Office is to follow “every Kwacha wherever it goes” so as to promote transparency and accountability,” stated Chikale.