PATRIOTIC Front secretary general Davies Mwila says it is not easy being in the opposition.

And Mwila says new members that join the party should humble themselves because they do not know where the PF has come from.

Speaking when he met party officials in Mufulira, Saturday, Mwila said some of the old members of the PF had died without benefitting from their efforts when they were in opposition.

He said the new members who were benefitting a lot from the party had no idea of the struggles the PF went through when it was in opposition.

“Abashilefwaya ukuichindika bafume munshila (Those who want to misbehave should get out of our way.) Inchito twakwata (the job we have) is to bring members to the party. I heard the chairman saying ‘we received one thousand members’, we have to embrace all those people who have come. Politics is about numbers and membership is equal to old and new members. All of us are members but all those who are coming to the party must humble themselves and they should know that kwaba abaikala mu chilonganino (there are people that have been in the party) for a long time,” Mwila said.

“Baichefyako, pantu kufika fye ulefwaya no ku toloka (they should humble themselves. There is no way that they can join the party and want to start calling the shots). You don’t even know party ekoyafuma (where the party has come from). We were in opposition for ten years. It’s not easy. Some people have died without benefiting from the party, some are still there alive and have not benefited. Some of the new people who have come have benefited a lot. So colleagues, we should not forget the mandate that we made to the people of Zambia, it is to work for them and deliver all the promises we made in 2016. The mandate is for five years and we have to renew our mandate next year; we have to be committed.”

He emphasized that people that tried to undermine Cabinet Ministers and area members of parliament would be dealt with.

“I have come for two things here; to harmonize the relationship between the MP for Kantashi (Anthony Mumba) and the constituency and to find out why there is no good relationship. Who is causing that? I have to know…I have come here because the Central Committee made a decision that no one is allowed to campaign now until such a time when the Central Committee will give a go ahead. And I want to find out who is in the forefront and I want to categorically tell you that my job is to protect the incumbent members of Parliament, including Cabinet Ministers,” Mwila said.

“Anyone who is trying to undermine these three, including a Cabinet Minister, my job is to deal with them. That is why I am there. A Cabinet Minister cannot be harassed by a constituency official; it is only here in Mufulira. A presidential appointee? I have never seen where area members of Parliament are being kicked like I don’t know. Yes, we are there in positions to work for the party but we have to protect the people who are in these offices. These issues have not started today, they have been going on and all of you are aware. But above all, we need to unite and move forward.”

He further expressed sadness that some party officials took lies to Mumba that Yamfwa Mukanga wanted to stand in Kantanshi Constituency.

“I have come with honorable Yamfwa Mukanga because some of the officials here are lying, cheating ukulatwala ubufi kuli ba Mumba ati ba Yamfwa balefwaya ukubwela ku Kantanshi (some of the officials here are taking lies to honourable Mumba that honorable Mukanga wants to stand in Kantanshi). Who has told you? Honorable Yamfwa is here, he has no interest of standing here. So efyo mu fwaya finshi? Mule leta ulupato opo mwikalile (so what are you trying to achieve? You are the ones bringing hatred). Ba Mumba bale mona kwati ba Yamfwa mulwani kanshi wakayele (honorable Mumba was thinking honorable Mukanga is an enemy yet he is innocent),” said Mwila.