PATRIOTIC Front Lusaka Province chairman Paul Moonga says a plan to form an alliance by Democratic Party leader Harry Kalaba, former finance minister Felix Mutati and Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube is a danger to society because it is founded on tribal lines.

On Wednesday, Kalaba had disclosed that the trio were planning to form an alliance for next year’s general election.

But speaking when he called News Diggers, Thursday, Moonga said the planned alliance should be condemned as it exposed its tribal characteristics, with all three hailing from one region of the country.

“When I saw the lawyer, KBF, Mutati an accountant, Kalaba unknown CV, and all from one region that is quite dangerous in politics. So, this is called a ‘member consortium’ and people should always advise people, when you form a political party, they should look at themselves and what they are trying to do. But they are simply bringing tribalism in the country, which is unacceptable! When alliances are made on tribal lines, not on ideologies, this becomes a danger to our society. It is quite sad. And I am happy I congratulate News Diggers! for digging deeper, for bringing three men together to show the world this is former minister of finance, renowned lawyer Bwalya Fube [and] Harry Kalaba, former minister of foreign affairs…Surely, if people form parties on tribal lines, not on ideologies, it is dangerous for our nation,” Moonga argued.

“So, this alliance of tribalism will destroy our nation and must be condemned from inception. And I am very disappointed that the whole Fube, a lawyer as they call him, clever and intelligent, would go and join a political party or form an alliance on tribal lines, it is very dangerous! And for Kalaba, I would say when he was in an accident, sometimes, he tends not to be thinking properly. Maybe he should seek some medical attention to check whether his mental status is normal or not.”

When asked why he was concerned about the alliance, Moonga insisted that he was concerned about tribalism, which reflected in how the three Bemba-speaking former Cabinet ministers assembled.

“I am not concerned about the three, I am concerned about tribalism. You can’t form a whole Tonga three men forming one political party, that is nonsense! When three men come together to form a political party, that is stupid! I have no problem with it, but the combination. I am condemning tribal party politics. I have said time and again the UPND have condemned me because I am not part of them. They think by being Tonga I should belong to the UPND. I have always said that I am not going to join a political party because of tribe,” he responded.

And when further asked how it was a problem that the trio planned to work together, Moonga maintained that tribal politics should not be entertained.

“I am speaking from a psychological point of view and I am not a baby. Maybe they can cheat you, they can’t cheat me. So, from the word go, they must be advised. We don’t want tribal politics in Zambia. We want political parties, which have a national character because at the end of the day, we will be bringing tribalism in the country and I am scared tribalism will tear us down, mind you, it can bring wars in the country. We should at all times not entertain tribal politics in our ‘one Zambia, one nation’ country. I wouldn’t mind if one is from there, but the three of them, this is dangerous for the nation,” he replied.

When reminded that the PF secretary general Davies Mwila and his deputy Mumbi Phiri came from one region, Moonga said that the party hierarchy was ethnically diverse.

“The party hierarchy is President Edgar Lungu and Vice-President is Inonge Wina that is the party hierarchy,” said Moonga.