LANDS Minister Jean Kapata says only President Edgar Lungu can make PF win the August 12 general elections.

And Kapata says despite being fought by Mandevu PF chairman Joseph Tamba, she will re-contest her seat, boasting that she has worked hard for her people.

In an interview, Kapata said no one in the ruling party could win the election.

“We have definitely delivered. I think through His Excellency the President, he has walked the talk, he has brought development, it is too numerous to mention. We are definitely going to win in this election whether anybody wants it or not, we are going to bounce back to power because we have delivered on our promises, we have delivered on our manifesto. There are people who want to play a blind eye to development, it is there for all people to see both in urban and rural areas. Things that were not there are there schools hospitals, roads what else do people want? That is development. The only person that can make PF win in this election is President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. We cannot change, he is our President and he is our candidate. Personally, me I am endorsing His Excellency, he is going to win. He is the only person who can stand in PF who can win us this election and nobody else,” Kapata said.

And Kapata said she was one of the most hardworking members of parliament in Lusaka.

“I have 100 per cent intentions to re-contest Mandevu and the reasons are simple; the first term I was in opposition and now we are in power and the two terms we have served in power I need to serve more years. I want to finish with His Excellency the President as he goes out in 2026. And not only that, I have delivered in Mandevu and I wish I can give you a list of things I have done. I have done a lot of roads, a lot of things. I have done 28 tarmacs except in Mandevu it is a large constituency with seven wards and the rest of Lusaka are either three or four. So it means that even if we are given equal kilometers of roads, Kabwata’s roads will be seen more than Mandevu because Kabwata goes into Mandevu three times,” said Kapata.

“I don’t accept the current chairman for Mandevu to contest Mandevu because I won elections in 2016, in 2017 he started fighting me through the party structures. He told the party structures not to work with me. He did not need to get to that level to fight me in order for him to stand, to appear as if he is popular. For me as far as I am concerned, let him tell me what he has done in his ward. Among all the seven ward councilors, I think he is the least. I have done three bridges, when we were handing over the police post to the community he never attended, because he could not work with me. He should have worked with me and then shown interest to stand. But however, he is welcome to stand it is democracy and the party will decide. As far as I am concerned, if there are two members of parliament in Lusaka that have worked, I am one of the two. Because in every ward, I have put a police post. We brought water to the people. Of course, there are still places where we need to do more.”

And in separate interview, Tamba said he was in charge of the Constituency and that Kapata needed to seek his permission to meet party structures.

“Saying that I have refused to attend her meetings is a lie. You know as a chairman, she has to contact me if she wants to meet the party structures but if she is using people who she feels can influence the party structures that will not happen. I am in charge when it comes to party affairs in Mandevu Constituency. So let her prove. I am glad that she wants to stand, I believe in competition, I am going to compete with her. The President said clearly that let people compete. I have been a constituency chairman for seven years so I have the experience that is why I said I want to take up the position of member of parliament,” said Tamba.