UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has appointed former Republican vice-president Dr Guy Scott as the party’s chief consultant while he has appointed former Lukulu East member of parliament Batuka Imenda as secretary general.

And Hichilema has called on Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja to start protecting citizens instead of attacking them.

Speaking when he addressed journalists during a press briefing in Lusaka, Tuesday, Hichilema said he decided to appoint Dr Scott because he is a man with a very strong brain.

He said he was learning a lot from Dr Scott, whom he also appointed to the UPND National Management Committee.

“I want to announce to you someone whom I know you will be very happy. The Chief Consultant is Dr Guy Scott. I was with him a number of days away and he has got a very strong brain. So, he comes through. There is a lot we can learn from him. I am learning a lot from him. And we must learn to respect each other in this community. That man was actually the Republican President. He served as the Republican President and in our time, we have a way of looking after such people after August as we serve the country. They will represent those that have left us in a way,” Hichilema said.

“The last announcement I am making is Batuke Imenda. He is the new secretary general. And today, we are completing the announcement of the 14 colleagues who are joining the National Management Committee. We are bringing in the combination of different types of people and skills, experience so that the young people we brought in are also given some experience. Sydney Chisanga, Mulondwe Muzungu, Moono Mapani, Joseph Lungu, Godfrey Mbene, Shurist Dusai, Choolwe Beyani, Costar Morianos Mwape, Ackson Sejani, Dr Guy Scott.”

Hichilema also announced the appointment of Romeo Kang’ombe as deputy chairperson for strategy and mobilisation while Elijah Muchima was home and security chairperson.

“Let’s go to the remaining chair’s roles. Grace Chirwa chair for rural development, Percy Chanda chair for Mines, Joseph Mpuka chair for Cooperatives, Choolwe Beyani chair for education, John Mumpashya Chinyanta chair technical education, Joseph Lungu chair research, Daniel Chisala chair fisheries, Sydney Chisanga chair for transport, Frank Tayali chair for governance. He will deal with the rule of law. Making sure that there is rule of law, human rights are respected, media rights are respected. He is a lawyer and he is a bally…making sure that the ACC is working. DEC and FIC is working. Making sure that the Auditor General is working. There is separation of powers. Parliament, Legislature and Executive is working,” he said.

“Felix Ngoma is chair communication, Elijah Muchinma is chair for home and security, Romeo Kangombe is deputy for strategy and mobilization, Mutinta Mazoka deputy chair for planning, Trevor Mwiinde the deputy national youth chair. Trustee are Nathan Ilunga, Shurist Desai, Mwaba Christopher, Paul Tole, Paul Sichamba.”

He urged the newly appointed members to serve the people of Zambia diligently.

“The voter is more important than the president because the one who puts the president in office is the citizen of Zambia and is the voter. We need to come out of some misunderstanding that someone you put in office as the president is your master. That is why we have created corrupt people that are enjoying while citizens are suffering. The master in this country is the 17 million Zambians. Those are the masters. You are the masters. We are just privileged to serve. To serve you the people of Zambia and we should serve you as true servants of
the people to ensure that we better your lives. And all of us who are given the opportunity to serve the people of this country in different roles must ask ourselves why we have gotten ourselves in it. How are we going to make that child who is not at school today, go to school? How will I work with my colleague next door to make that happen? I have never taken this role you have given me for granted. Never,” Hichilema said.

And Hichilema asked Kanganja to protect citizens instead of attacking them.

“I want to thank the youths. What you did on Youth Day. Thank you very much. The NMC must learn from the youths. They were all over and I must express my displeasure why our youths who were marching peacefully were attacked and arrested when the PF had gathered somewhere around and no one attacked them. I don’t know what’s with the Police Inspector General. Please you swore to protect citizens and not to attack citizens. You attack citizens then you turn around and say UPND has attacked the police when all watching what happened there. The police attacked harmless and armless people. There were a lot of policemen in uniform. But we have a few PF cadres wearing police uniform. IG, protect every citizen,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hichilema asked government to immediately pay KCM employees who had been declared redundant.

“Last time we need ask this PF government and the liquidator of the KCM to pay the redundant package of these miners who have been declared redundant. The PF have been saying they paid and they have not paid. I am talking to our colleagues on the mining side there on the Copperbelt. They have not been paid after many promises the PF is hiding behind Court matters. Courts can take two to three years, five years. The workers cannot wait for five years. Pay the workers immediately. PF if you are hearing. You have been throwing money all over. You are sleeping on cash maybe printed cash. Pay the mine workers now. You have been saying you will increase the salaries and you are hiding behind. Whose is hiding behind? The PF behind the restructuring program. This should not delay improvement of the salaries for workers,” said Hichilema.