SPECIAL Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Isaac Chipampe says it is not by magic that load-shedding has come to an end, but because President Lungu has performed wonders by investing heavily in the energy sector.

And Chipampe has wondered why some people are saying that President Edgar Lungu has not done anything when they are now using “new roads”.

Meanwhile, Chipampe says President Lungu is confident of scooping the upcoming general elections and that’s why he is talking about his “tour of duty” coming to an end in 2026.

In an interview, Monday, Chipampe said once the Kafue Gorge Lower power project is commissioned, load-shedding will be an issue of the past.

“In the energy sector, he has performed wonders. He has commissioned many hydro stations since he became President and it is not magic that we don’t have load shedding. It is because of the number of power stations that have been commissioned. So the story of load shedding is no longer there. With the commissioning of the Kafue Gorge Lower, the country will be turned around. Government has invested so much in this sector. He (Lungu) is not coming in from opposition, he is coming in as a serving President, so he will continue with the agenda of developing the country through various sectors. I think the President was very clear on Saturday, he was very clear about development in all the sectors. He talks extensively about agriculture and undoubtedly he has performed in this sector, the agriculture sector has been transformed. He is not going to relent, he is going to ensure that he improves further in areas where we are lacking. He has been deeply involved in this sector, motivating many Zambians to get involved in agriculture because this is the sector where we can reduce the levels of poverty in the country. He has a passion for the sector, and he has supported the farmers,” Chipampe said.

Chipampe noted that President Lungu had done many things which people don’t talk about.

He said most people who had not been to places like Lusaka in a long time were getting surprised at how the place had transformed.

“Ring Roads have been built, congestion is no longer there. People are getting to work in good time, and people are saving on fuel and time. So many things that the President has done and people don’t talk about them. So he is going to continue with the developmental agenda because we know that other areas also need attention. With Lusaka, he has given us an example of what his government can do, what the President can do. So even other areas, he is coming. You know when things are nice, you can forget where you are coming from. I hear people say ‘but he has not done anything’ how can you say ‘he has not done anything’ when even the roads you are using are new? They are expanded roads. Not only foreigners, even Zambians who have not been to a place like Lusaka in a long time, they get surprised [at] how Lusaka has changed. People who are coming from other neighbouring countries, they will tell you ‘you guys are working, you have transformed this country.’” Chipampe said.

“I can’t talk about infrastructure, you have seen it for yourself how Lusaka has been transformed. But it is important that we don’t forget what government has done, it is really important that people remember that Lusaka roads have been expanded. Burma Road was not like that, Chilimbulu Road was not like that, Mosi-o-Tunya Road was not like that, Bishops Road was not like that and Zambezi Road.”

Asked why President Lungu was confident that he would emerge victorious in the coming elections and that his “tour of duty” would end in 2026, Chipampe said a person in a contest needed to be confident of winning.

“Yes that is when his term ends constitutionally. When you are going into a fight, contest or match do you say ‘I am playing Green Buffaloes and I am Kabwe Warriors, I think I will lose this game’? Do you say that? Every person who is contesting will say ‘I am going to win’ even the opposition are telling us they are going to win. So why should the President say ‘his tour of duty ends in 2021?’ It is obvious that he is confident of scooping the coming elections that is why he is talking about 2026,” said Chipampe.