FORMER home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo says it is incorrect to create an impression that law enforcement agencies have not been working until now, adding that the fight against corruption must not seemingly target certain individuals.

Speaking to journalists after a matter in which he is accused of endangering an aircraft in 2015 was adjourned at the Chinsali High Court, Monday, Kampyongo said not even the new government was full of angels.

“Yes, (the arrests derail us), I mean when you are elected you need to focus on your people but obviously, no one is above the law. We are all subjected to the same laws. That does not entail we must abuse the same laws that are meant to keep people in check. Those that have issues, that’s why there are courts but if we start seeing tendencies which appear to be focusing on only politicians, it is a source of worry obviously. And I want to agree with one senior clergy who says we shall speak for ourselves, yes, we shall speak for ourselves, we don’t need to hire clergy, we are Christians but we will speak for ourselves, that’s why we are getting to the courts but let these arrests be meaningful because the police service, the Anti-Corruption Commission have not started existing today. So to try and create an impression that they have not been working until now when there is a new government is not correct because not even the new government is full of angels. We are all human beings so let’s allow these functional bodies to function professionally. We are not cowards and we shall face them as they come,” Kampyongo said.

And Kampyongo said UPP Kabwata candidate Francis Libanda must be held accountable for causing a wastage of public resources by withdrawing from the race.

“We still remain disappointed with the reckless behaviour of that candidate who pulled out because right now, the people of Zambia and looking for deliverables from government so spending resources on ballot papers for one constituency twice is a share waste of money and so we pray that ECZ could expedite the processes and we hope that this time around, those that will file in will be serious contenders and to some extent I agree with the sentiments of those that are saying the gentleman who pulled out must be made to account because you cannot be taking people for granted in that fashion,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kampyongo bemoaned the high prices of mealie meal in the country.

“we sympathise with our people because the mealie meal which is supposed to be at K50 now is going to K200. I don’t know whether this formula of increasing and then reduce will work at what point. So these are things that we want to focus on as representatives of the people,” said Kampyongo.