THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) says it has stopped announcing when individuals are being interrogated because this was jeopardising investigations.

In an interview, ACC spokesperson Queen Chibwe said pieces of evidence were sometimes concealed once people were alerted about investigations.

“The stance that we have taken now, we would rather not publicise these interrogations. When the investigation is concluded, we will give some comprehensive statements on all the investigations we are carrying out. It is actually jeopardising our investigations. So, we are not going to isolate [that] this one has been investigated unless that particular person just goes to the media and talks about it, it will end there. For us, we want to do our comprehensive investigations and then give a conclusive statement after the investigation is done. Just in a number of ways, some of them when we indicate, there could be other areas that we would want to go and seek more information further, sometimes the officers meet resistance, sometimes documents are concealed, they are hidden because they are alerted. And that may lead to some pieces of evidence being concealed,” Chibwe said.

Chibwe added that more assets were yet to be recovered.

“The secretary to the Commission did indicate that we will do more. Like even the house that was not handed over, it will be handed over in due course to the State,” said Chibwe.