In this video, Minister of Religious Affairs Reverend Godfridah Sumaili says she looks forward to meeting UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, to deliver a message that God will lift him up in due course if he humbles himself before the Creator.

And Malawian Prophet Bushiri has questioned why the Zambian government is only targeting Christians in its “screening” of fake prophets leaving out Muslims and Hindus.

Rev Sumaili was responding to a question from MUVI TV’s “The Assignment” programme host Alexander Musokotwane who wanted to know if she had plans of also meeting the UPND leader to foster peace between the ruling party and the opposition.

“For sure I have not met the president of the UPND and it is because of the things that have been happening,” Rev Sumaili said.

Asked whether she was planning to, Rev Sumaili said; “Of course, I am looking forward to that.”

When Musokotwane pressed further to know what message she would have for the opposition leader, Rev Sumaili said; “The first thing I would tell him is that God loves you. I will also say that all of us have destinies and it is always good to be in the plans of God and to move with God. And also, humble yourself before the Lord and in due course he will lift you up.”

Rev Sumaili also said government would not allow churches which performed miracles which were not generated by God.

“We believe in miracles, I personally believe in miracles but miracles that are generated by God and not miracles that are coming from magic and witchcraft,” she said.

“If they base their miracles on practices which are not biblical, we will not accept that. We cannot have people from outside bringing strange activities here.”

Asked how she would determine which miracle was genuine and which miracle wasn’t, Rev Sumaili maintained; “It is Christian if it is backed by God. If someone comes and says for me to have the power, I must sleep with a young girl, is that the Bible? That is defilement. There is the power of God and there is the power of Satan. We are not going to follow the power of Satan; we are following the power of God.”

And Prophet Bushiri questioned government’s crusade against churches.

“The people of Zambia, be very careful I can foresee an anti-Christ spirit coming in your country. Don’t say I didn’t warn you… Why are you only imposing laws against Christians only? In Zambia there are Muslims, the biggest mosque now has been built in Zambia for Muslims, are you not screening them? Why are you not screening Hindus? Why? You are not a minister of Christians, you are a minister of religion…if you continue this, your days are numbered,” Bushiri said in an audio played by MUVI TV during the same programme.

In response, Rev Sumaili insisted that Zambia would not allow fake prophets do defile the land.

“What I can say is that Zambia is under the lordship of Jesus Christ. God himself has given us the keys to the kingdom and no gates of hell shall prevail over the nation of Zambia and if the enemies are digging a pit, they shall fall in it. We are not going to compromise ourselves. We want the church to be strong and touch many lives. We do not want our land to be defiled,” Rev Sumaili said.

“And this is the same man who was prophesying that there was going to be war in Zambia. What kind of prophesy is that? Zambia is a peaceful nation.”

Asked if Prophet Bushiri, who said he would be in the country on Wednesday, would be allowed in, Rev Sumaili said she could not comment as the mandate was with the Ministry of Home Affairs.

“Well, I cannot say much on that because the mandate is with the Ministry of Home Affairs…we have declared war on false prophets. We want the truth to be preached in Zambia,” said Rev Sumaili.

Meanwhile, Prophet Bushiri says President Lungu is a God fearing person and the Religious Affairs Minister was denting the Head of State love for prayer.

In this audio, Prophet Bushiri warns Rev Sumaili against deporting prophets saying she is denting the President’s image.

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