In this video, lands minister Jean Kapata boasts that she is now “Jean the Baptist” after pouring water on Chishimba Kambwili at Parliament on Tuesday.

In the video, courtesy of Prime TV’s Kalani Muchima, Works and Supply Minister Ronald Chitotela and others advise her to defend herself by saying that she was simply casting out her colleague’s demons.

On Tuesday, expelled Roan PF member of parliament reported to Speaker Matibini that Lusambo had slapped him twice, whilst Kapata poured water on him outside the House.

In a counter point of order, Kapata told Speaker Matibini that everything that had happened outside had started from somewhere.

“Is the honorable member of parliament for Roan, Mr Speaker in order to go round every radio station, whatever the point of order he has raised has where its coming from, going on all the radio stations and calling me Jean Kapata that am a thief, I have stolen through Mukula? I have been a member of parliament for this house for 15 years to build one house, ‘you are a thief’ honorable Kambwili, I don’t have time to be going to court to waste time, this is why Mr Speaker when he walk out of the house after honorable Chitotela’s answers, he started insulting us and calling us names outside and you wanted us to keep quiet and watch him?” asked Kapata.

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