United Party for National Development this afternoon donated anti biotics, gum boots, cotton wool and tissue among other items to government in order to boost the fight against Cholera.

In a statement after making the donation, Wednesday, UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka stated that the opposition party felt duty bound to complement government efforts in the fight against Cholera.

“UPND feels duty bound to complement government efforts in the fight against cholera. We believe this is a collective responsibility as all of us are potential victims. While the cholera cases are increasingly alarming, we need to begin to take as many mitigation measures as possible, in addition to government efforts to curb the vice. We wish to reiterate our commitment towards complementing government efforts in fighting this fast spreading disease.As we embark on this Cholera campaign, we would like to request that government informs the community on the location of all cholera centres in Lusaka and other parts of the country. Including the areas that are most hit so that information helps communities suggest measures to take in those residential areas.” stated Mucheleka.

“As UPND we appeal that the Local Government Act and its subsidiary laws which include the Public Health ACT, Market and Bus Stations ACT must be enforced to the later.
We wish to appeal to people living in Lusaka and other parts of the country which have recorded a few cases like Eastern, Southern and Copper-belt provinces to mention but a few, to cooperate with authorities by taking decisive measures to ensure we exercise high levels of hygiene at house-hold level while making hygiene a lifestyle. As a party, we stand ready to partner with government and other stakeholders to assist the community address this problem. Arising from the above therefore, we feel compelled as a Party, to donate the following items in-order to assist in this crusade of fighting cholera. 1. DOCTORS COATS 2. GUM BOOTS 3. COTTON WOOL 4. EXAMINATION GLOVES 5. SURGICAL GLOVES 6. ORS 7. DOXYL(ANTIBIOTICS) 8. TOILET TISSUES 9. BATHING SOAP,” stated Mucheleka.