UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka has asked party members not to despair because victory is coming “tomorrow”.

In a statement after losing the Lusaka mayoral election, Katuka also stated that the party leadership would take a serious introspection.

“On behalf of the United Party for National Development (UPND) ,I wish to thank all those that turned up to vote for the UPND Mayoral, Council Chairpersons and Councilor Candidates in the just ended local government elections. It is evident from many of our women, men and youths who turned up to vote that Zambians still have confidence in the UPND as a party of choice. While voter Apathy was at the centre of the past by election, we still have gallant men and women including youths who still hope for a better Zambia,” Katuka stated.

“May I also take this opportunity to remind the Zambians that during this period, the party leadership will take a serious introspection and is open to all good suggestions from concerned Zambians and the UPND general membership on how best we can together win future elections and remove the destructive Patriotic Front (PF) from power. The Patriotic Front depend on corruption, violence and cheating to win elections. As your party of choice, we wish to put it on record that we shall fight back and victory for Zambians is just around the corner.”

He stated that the UPND would hold rallies around the country to rekindle the hope which Zambians had in the party.

“The high level corruption which the PF have planted into the country resulting in some councilors defecting from the opposition to the ruling party is a temporary set back. Let it be known to every one that the corrupt councilors are not looking for Edgar Lungu’s leadership but after taxpayers money. We shall hold public rallies , meetings and tours across the nation to reassure and rekindle the hope that many of you Zambians have in UPND. Long live UPND, long live Zambian Voters. Victory is coming tomorrow,” stated Katuka.