UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has condemned violence in Lundazi and Sisheke districts, advising police to be impartial in executing their duties.

And Hichilema has pledged to drill a borehole in Nchidwale ward in Katete District, whether or not UPND wins the ward in the upcoming by-election.

Meanwhile, Hichilema on Wednesday asked some police officers who were trailing him whilst greeting some people in Nyimba if he needed a passport to visit Eastern Province.

Speaking when he featured on a live radio program on Mphangwe FM in Katete district of Eastern Province, Wednesday, Hichilema said there was no reason for people to axe each other during elections.

“Firstly, I want to say violence should not be allowed because when people start fighting, then there is lack of thinking. Violence is not good because this is a peaceful country and so, we don’t want violence. I strongly condemn this violence. What is happening in Mukombwa Ward in Lundazi and Sesheke district and even here in Katete is something which should not be accepted. Today here in Katete, if UPND youths did not behave, we were going to have violence today, here
in Chindwale Ward because some known PF cadres almost attacked our youths. I want to appeal to the police to do their job and arrest those PF cadres who are spearheading violence because they are known. Imagine, UPND have their campaign camp in Nchidwale in Chief Katumba where our candidate stays and the next thing we saw was the PF also coming to camp just near to ours. What is that? That is trying to start violence. When people start pushing and pulling each other in
one direction to the other, then the people, including the police, will start reporting that the UPND is a violent party. The correct thing the PF should do is to leave our camp because there is enough place where, they can go and put up their camp. Why do they want to put their camp on our place? PF is behaving like a party that do not want peace. If UPND was the one who did that, then we could say UPND are the ones who started the violence but now because it’s the PF who
followed us, the police are quite and can’t arrest anyone,” Hichilema said.

And Hichilema pledged to drill a borehole for the people of Nchidwale ward, whether or not his party won the upcoming by-election.

“The PF government has failed to put up a borehole in Nchidwale ward so that people in the area can drink clean water. The people are drinking dirty water which animals drink also. One of our priorities, which is a small thing for me as HH, let me now tell you that, with or without winning that ward, I shall take at least one borehole to Nchindwale. With or without winning that ward, we shall put up a borehole so that people can have clean drinking water,” Hichilema promised.

“This is what we are going to do like we wanted to do in Lusinde ward where the PF, upon hearing that HH will put up the borehole, they blocked us. They sent police office so that they should stop us to provide clean water to the people of Lusinde ward. We want to act even before we are in government. People of Nchindwale listen, you cannot be drinking water where animals drink from. Me HH, I am donating one borehole. I will dig alone using my own machine and put up my own pump to show you just an example of what is waiting for you under the UPND government.”

Hichilema said the agriculture sector had collapsed due to PF’s failure to think.

“UPND wants to form government so that it brings development and improve the agriculture sector which has collapsed in this country. We shall ensure that every farmer is well taken care of. We want to create jobs through agriculture. PF have failed in this sector. Schools have collapsed and orphans cannot afford to find K1,600 for school fees. As UPND, we shall take every poor child to school and people always ask me that, ‘now HH where will the money come from?’ We
shall do away with the corruption that this government is enjoying. We shall exploit the mines here in Eastern Province and we shall give the license to the locals. I know this place has diamond and I am wondering why this government is failing to exploit it and generate money for
our children to go to School. As UPND, we shall do that because we know what we are saying,” Hichilema said.

Meanwhile, Hichilema on Wednesday asked some police officers who were trailing him whilst greeting some people in Nyimba if he needed a passport to visit Eastern Province.

Three uniformed police officers asked Hichilema’s security for details of the gathering but the UPND leader approached them and asked them if he needed to have a passport for him to visit Eastern Province.

“What is the problem officer? I am just greeting these people and so stop harassing these people. You want me to be obtaining a passport for me to visit this area? Please don’t harass these people because I have heard that you officers do harass them,” Hichilema told the officers.