Nondo’s defection shocks NAREP

National Restoration Party (NAREP) secretary general Ezra Ngulube says Bwalya Nondo has joined the Patriotic Front at an awkward time when the ruling party is losing popularity.

On Wednesday, former NAREP spokesperson Nondo defected to the PF saying the opposition was not good enough to deliver the needs of the people.

But in an interview, Thursday, Ngulube said he was shocked, given the time Nondo had chosen to join the ruling party.

“It’s a shock to everybody. Our former spokesperson has left the party and he has joined at an awkward time I would say when the ruling party is losing popularity across the board at the speed of light because of failure to manage the national resources as it is evidenced by the skyrocketing mealie meal prices. And this the time when our colleague has joined them, we respect that,” Ngulube said.

He said Nondo was resourceful and hoped that the ruling party would utilize him.

“We hope that he can maintain his resourcefulness to the ruling party and probably he can bring certain things to PF that can influence certain policies that could be able to benefit an ordinary Zambian. We hope that the PF can utilize him the way we were utilizing him. Because we have seen a tendency where somebody defects and they pack him. We hope that will not be the case,” Ngulube said.

“He was a very resourceful person whilst serving NAREP in different portfolios. The decision our colleague has made, we respect it, he is just exercising his democratic right. He is not the first and last to do that.”

And reacting to Nondo’s remarks that the opposition in the country had terribly failed to play their role of offering checks and balances because of their hurtful and envious ways, Ngulube said the statement was misplaced.

“I think that statement is misplaced. We are not bitter! We as the opposition are working under difficult conditions. It is very difficult for is to go out there and mobilize our members. But them they are campaigning everyday in the name of inspecting projects and working visits,” said Ngulube.

“The issue of democracy in terms of fair play is not there. One thing we are about is that the people of Zambia are now realizing that the they need a leader with a vision to take this country where it is supposed to be.”

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Idiocy Detector
Idiocy Detector

A rotten carrot was dangled before him by a rotten hand of PF, do not worry about Judas, worry about your unity as opposition to kick out the masquerades. People are saddened that each one of you is making statements of what they will do when at plot 1 despite being in an alliance.

Malama Lewis
Malama Lewis

Cheep politics. The price of mealie meal has nothing to do with PF , but our evil intentions to manipulate the poor !


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