Eskom says Zesco has met payment requirements for resumption of power imports.

Eskom deputy spokesperson Dikatso Mothae said she could not, however, reveal how much had been paid to the utility, citing confidentiality.

She said the company would resume the export of 300 megawatts to Zambia as soon as Zesco Limited signs the contract.

“We’ve never responded to specifics around figures. We can’t because of confidentiality arrangements with our customers. Zesco has met the payment requirements to resume power sales to their country. Once they have signed the contract, which has been signed on our side, we will schedule power according to the contract from the next day. Signing on their side is imminent. They met the requirements that we had set out. We will be exporting 300 megawatts for three months,” said Mothae.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Energy permanent secretary Trevor Kaunda has said the total amount paid to Eskom is US$27 million.

“It is a total of US$27 million. That time there was talk of US$ 10 million then there was a talk of paying another US$1[7] million; that is what has been paid,” said Kaunda.

Eskom had earlier demanded an upfront payment for power following a request from Zambia because Zesco had an outstanding bill of R89 million.