MOVEMENT for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Felix Mutati says Zambia is enslaved by debt and the only way out is to seek a bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) .

Speaking to journalists in Kitwe, Saturday, Mutati said Zambia’s debt was dehumanising and affecting even those who were not part of the transaction.

“You know, I said to the people that in Proverbs 22 vs 7, it basically says the rich shall rule over the poor, the borrower shall be enslaved by the lender. So from the Bible perspective, it describes debt as a home of slavery. It is basically saying that debt can have a life long lasting condition and sometimes can be dehumanising and that debt takes a lot more toll on the borrowers compared to the lenders,” Mutati said

“So I am saying listen to what the Bible says. If you avoid to listen, know that it will have consequences and this is when I compared South Korea to Zambia. In 1964, Zambia and Korea were at the same level of development but this is no longer the case. Korea has been a modern example of development, making headlines in the right spaces and for Zambia, we are making headlines as a post child of debt default so these are two extremes starting from the same start line. So all I am saying is that debt is not only dehumanising but it affects even those who were not part of the transaction but are living in the same space. It is impacting on all of us and what we need is to seek for a bailout from the IMF.”

Mutati said an IMF bailout package would definitely help stabilise Zambia’s economy.

“That bailout may sound ugly because it will have a reputation risks or consequences but what it will also be able to do for us is to be able to begin to stabilise our economy. Yes it is impacting on all of us, on our financial condition. It is becoming stressful for you and me to live meaningfully. It is becoming harder and one of the ways it is becoming harder is because of debt and the consequence of debt is creating movement in our exchange rate and therefore, impacting our ability to live properly. So this bailout will give the confidence that it is possible to secure recovery and we shall then create a benefit of doubt particularly for those
imposters that are standing in between and saying, will our investment be protected,” Mutati Said.

Meanwhile, speaking shortly after he attending a church service at Kamuchanga’s St Mary Catholic parish in Mufulira, Sunday, Mutati said through love and unity, the country would be able to move in a peaceful direction.

“I want to thank you and urge you to embrace love, peace and unity because through that, the c country will be able to move in a right direction. I want to urge Christians to help the poor because the levels of poverty are high. We are all poor but some levels are high, [that is] a reason we need to continue to help even those who are in dire need of help. Peace, love and unity is the thing we need. Continue to speak for the poor who are voiceless, he said.

And in his sermon, Fr Joseph Chikose Temani urged Christians to worship God because he is not a God of division.

“The God we serve is not the God of division but because he is a good Shepard, he is God of peace and love. There is no hatred, killing or fighting amongst the ten Commandments of God. We need to help our neighbors because God is love…Love is what defines our Christianity and so if you love you neighbours, you will be able to share what we have with the poor. So how is our Christianity and as a country, would we say our Christianity is good before God? So God is calling us to serve and help the poor, show love to everyone, help those in need of food and God will help us in out lives,” said Fr Temani.

Meanwhile, Kamuchanga youths and marketeers mobbed Mutati shortly after the Church service.

Mutati, who visited the market, told marketers and youths to register as voters in order to kick out issues of unemployment.

“I am happy to be here and I have seen that youths have no employment here. I am telling you that register as voters. Go and register as voters all of you,” advised Mutati.