FORMER works and supply minister Yamfwa Mukanga says the company Spick and Span Laundromat Services, which he jointly owned with former ZNBC broadcaster Faith Musonda, stopped operating a long time ago because it was not maing money2.

And Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga says investigations in Musonda’s K65 million case are still ongoing.

In an interview, Mukanga said the company stopped operating in 2010 as they were not making money.

“It doesn’t work, Spick and Span stopped operating a long time. It stopped operating in 2010. Do you know where it used to operate from? If you go to Chilubi Road near NIPA, that is where it used to be, it is no longer there. It has not been making money so we stopped. Spin and Span is a laundromat, you take your clothes there, you iron them, and charge them for services,” he said.

When asked what brought him and Faith together in business, Mukanga said she was a good Christian.

“She is a Christian, I am Christian. She suggested it and I thought we could do business. The business was not even there when I became minister of works [and supply], it was in the opposition, when PF was still in the opposition, almost 12 years ago. She was a partner to me when I was in opposition. I am a Christian, I meet people as Christians and thought she was a good Christian who I can work with. Is she the only person I have worked with in business? No. There are many. I have worked with a lot of people as Christians, others I have worked with them as friends I grew up with. I can assure you that business has nothing to do with anything and it closed down 12 years ago, why are you bringing it out today?” he asked.

When asked if he had any involvement in the K65 million found in Musonda’s house, Mukanga responded in the negative saying he also needed money.

“I don’t have anything to do with that. I don’t even know; she is in a better position to tell us. I wish I had a fraction of it because I need money,” said Mukanga.

But leader of the opposition in parliament Brian Mundubile was not available to explain his business connection to Musonda by press time.

Meanwhile, in a separate interview, Hamoonga said police would only give a statement on the matter at an appropriate time.

When asked whether the police had been instructed to halt investigations in the matter, Hamoonga said they were not aware of that instruction.

“No as police we are not aware of that, investigations are going on just like we said last time. Investigations are still ongoing and we still stand on the previous statement. At an appropriate time, we will release another statement. I am saying we still stand with our last statement; we are still investigating the matter. When it is appropriate for us, we shall give another update,” said Hamooga.

A News Diggers Investigation revealed that former ZNBC broadcaster Faith Musonda’s company OCK Investment limited owns the house in which police found K65.3 million and US$57,000 last month.

The investigation has further shown that Musonda is a director and shareholder in nine different companies, two of which she jointly owns with Brian Mundubile and Yamfwa Mukanga.