FORMER ZNBC broadcaster Faith Musonda’s lawyer Makebi Zulu says his client is still waiting to hear from the police in a matter in which which over K65 million and US$57,000 cash was found in her house.

And Mporokoso PF member of parliament Brian Mundubile says Muntayalwa Investment Limited, which he jointly owned with Musonda, never did any business.

In a brief interview, Zulu said he was still waiting to hear from the police.

“The investigations have continued on the side of the police. We wait for them to advance in their investigations and if they need us, they will let us know. We are waiting to hear from them,” said Zulu.

And in a seperate interview, Mundubile said Muntayalwa investment limited never did any business.

“The company never did any business. I think that story is dead,” he said.

When asked what brought them together as business partners, Mundubile said his partnership with her was not related to the money that Musonda was found with.

“I don’t want those stories to be perpetuated, it was nothing really. Our matter does not relate to what is going on. And we would not want it to be related and dragged along. We are very remote from whatever that is going on. So that is why we would want to stay out of it completely,” said Mundubile.

A News Diggers Investigation revealed that former ZNBC broadcaster Faith Musonda’s company OCK Investment limited owns the house in which police found K65.3 million and US$57,000 last month.

The search revealed that Musonda jointly owns Muntayalwa investment limited with former government chief whip and North Western Minister in the PF administration Brian Mundubile with equal shares of 7,500 each. The company was registered on December 20, 2018.