DISASTER Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) director operations Joshua Kamanya says the unit will constitute an integrity and Audit Committee and also ensure that good corporate best practices are adhered to.

On Saturday, President Hakainde Hichilema disclosed that about 20 senior party officials asked him for jobs at DMMU after seeing how rich the previous office bearers had become.

In an interview, Kamanya said DMMU would conduct business in conformity with the provisions of the Public Finance Management Act and the Procurement Act.

He said the unit would also strengthen the role of the internal audit function.

“The revelations by the Republican President and how he wants DMMU to be managed is a strategic direction to [not] only restore public confidence, but also to ensure social protection programmes are executed for the benefit of the vulnerable people. As officers of governance, we will ensure good corporate best practices are strictly adhered to. For Instance, we are going to constitute an Integrity Committee, Audit Committee and strengthen the role of the Internal audit function. Further, we will conduct business in conformity with the provisions of the Public Finance Management Act and also the Procurement Act,” said Kamanya.

President Hichilema recently disclosed that 20 senior UPND officials were jostling for jobs at DMMU.

“It took us 23 years because we stuck with what we believed was right. It does take time sometimes. Children of Israel, 40 years, groaning and complaining as UPND members are groaning now. ‘Give us the jobs! Throw out everybody who was in the previous government, give us the jobs’. I understand you. Some say ‘what were we fighting for?’ 20 senior people have come to me that they want to be employed. I said alright, which job do you want? They said DMMU, 20 people. Your guess is as good as mine, why they singled out DMMU,” said President Hichilema.

“Why do you think 10 senior, 20 senior, 50 senior members of UPND want to go to DMMU only? They have seen the one who was at DMMU building mansions at the expense of vulnerable children who are not in school. Their assumption is that this is the time to go there and be like that individual. Aikona man, aikona, no! We have to make DMMU a noble function, not a platform to take resources away from the people of Zambia. And even if it means I will offend my colleagues in the UPND, I am going to offend you to correct the country. Get the job of DMMU leader to serve the people of Zambia when they are in disaster not to enrich yourself. I stand by what Kambela said. We seek public office to serve people. I know where he is lying there, he is proud of us, I know.”